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Not sure where your organisation stands in terms of benchmarking against the best then take a quick Health Check and measure up. The survey reviews how well your procurement systems are embedded within your organisation and how the skills of your procurement teams are recognised and valued.

Hays have joined forces with CIPS one again to survey the private and public procurement sector. 2016 has proved to show a sustained growth in confidence in terms of economic prospects which have filtered through to procurement benefits.

In a previous article the M4siz strategic review process GOAL (Goal Orientated Action List) was introduced as a straightforward way of aligning strategy with operational planning. In this article we outline the process steps and in a series of future articles the way you can apply this tool to your business.

During challenging economic times procurement and supply become key performance measures for any business sector. Procurement strategies can be the major source of working capital and business improvement. Every Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) is faced with several challenges not least balancing staffing levels and technology to give the best capability within the organisation to control procurement processes.